Dog Walking Services

Certified dog walker with three small dogs at beach in Lewes, DelawareYour dog may be small, but he’s just like any other dog: he instinctively craves physical activity, mental stimulation, and companionship. He needs to be walked. But you don’t always have time for long walks, so he may not be getting everything he needs to be physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy.

That’s why Little Paws and Big Adventures does the walking for you during the work week – leaving less on your plate and more time in your day.

Based on your dog’s needs and your schedule we offer neighborhood walks 9am – 5pm, M-F.

Neighborhood Walks

  • We come to your home, and walk just your dog around his familiar turf: his own neighborhood
  • Some dogs prefer to be around people more than other dogs, and for them solo walks are best
  • Your dog gets ALL the attention
  • We only use positive reinforcement obedience techniques and always treat your dog with respect
  • The same walker walks your dog every time, getting to know your dog’s personality while gaining his trust
  • We always walk dogs on-leash to ensure your dog’s safety and welfare

Rates: Just $17 per walk

20-30 minutes service visit.
Each walk includes treats, waste removal, TLC/play, fresh water, and food as needed.
No additional charge for second dog from same family.
Discount rate of $16 per walk available for steady M-F clients.

Going Away For A While?

Let Little Paws and Big Adventures take care of your pet while you’re gone. Drop-in pet care visits while you are away from home are available on a limited basis. Contact us for details.

Get Started Today!

Contact us now to schedule a free, no-obligation Meet and Greet session at your home so we can review your needs, evaluate your dog’s temperament/personality, and answer all your questions!