Professional TLC For Small Dogs, Cats And Birds

Anita walking small dogs on trailYour small dog is just like any big dog: he needs to be walked every day to stay healthy and happy. Leaving him out in the backyard won’t meet his natural need to exercise, explore, and socialize.

But your demanding schedule doesn’t leave time for long dog walks every day. And after work, you want to relax at home, not take your dog for a marathon walk. We solve this problem by walking your dog for you during the week.

Little Paws and Big Adventures is Southern Delaware’s only dog*biz certified dog walking service, and the only one specializing in on-leash walks for small dogs (under 30 pounds). We have the training and experience to teach your dog good walking manners and ensure his safety.

Neighborhood Walks

We provide individual neighborhood walks – based on your dog’s needs and your schedule. Individual neighborhood walks may be best if: your dog is nervous around a group of dogs (like at the dog park or doggie daycare); has age or health limitations or simply prefers one-on-one attention. Regular individual walks benefit your dog by helping to release energy, fight boredom, and provide exercise to maintain good health. Learn More >

Weekday Walks:
Hiring A Dog Walker Is Not Just For Vacations Anymore!

You might only think about hiring a pet sitter to walk your dog when you go away on vacation or business. But between work, family, and friends, your everyday life is busier than ever now, and you want your dog to have best care available.

Let Little Paws and Big Adventures hold the leash for you.

Happy small dog with owner in Lewes, Delaware

  • Enjoy Peace of mind knowing a professionally certified dog walker is taking great care of your dog.
  • More time to spare without having to rush home at the same time every day to walk your dog.
  • Relax with a better-behaved dog who’s ready to unwind with you at home after work.

Take A Big Step In The Right Direction For Your Little Dog

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Client Dog, Chewy


There is no one better! Anita walks my cherished dog Chewy twice a day, Monday through Friday, and has never missed a single walk. Through rain, blizzards, hurricanes, and heat waves: Anita is always there. She is trustworthy, professional, pleasant, and caring – and like a member of the family. ”